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EDIBLE IDAHO "A Local Chicken In Every Pot"

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"... That's right. There's not a single commercial source of Idaho poultry in the state. But that may change. In this installment of Edible Idaho, correspondent Guy Hand finds one farmer determined to put Idaho chicken back on the local menu."

Boise Weekly - An Isolated Idaho

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"... local farmer Janie Burns is among an increasing number of people who think we could be growing more of what we eat rather than what we don't. Burns has been digging up historical agricultural census data to examine how Idaho's farming practices have changed over the last 60 years."

"Farmer Janie Burns has drawn a series of cartoons to illustrate what Idaho grows for itself and what it imports from other states. In another drawing, she demonstrates that Idaho consumes 16 million pounds of carrots each year, 99 percent of which is trucked in at the cost of $3.5 million."

Capital Press Agriculture

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Boise CO-OP blurb about HGP

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"They support local food systems - all the processes that go into producing and distributing food - whether they've developed haphazardly or with careful planning - from breeding crop seeds, to fishing, to raising cattle, to processing food, shipping, storing and selling it."

Home Grown Prosperity Renewable Energy Bus Tour Blog Post about HGP

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"They compost all of the waste products, (blood, feathers, innards), on Janie's farm, the Meadow Lark Farm.

When redesigning their building they took into consideration all of the green features they could integrate. This included passive solar, swamp cooling and R44 insulation.

Janie left us on a good note with regards to all types of sustainable systems and projects stating, "We are all cogs, and we interface where the gears are. We can't do it by ourselves, and that is why your [networking] work is so important". "

Boise Weekly Article about Poultry

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"Roosters don't start crowing and acting "rooster-y" until about four months old. At that point, the owner may want to cover the kids' ears and call a poultry processing plant like Homegrown Poultry in New Plymouth.

Homegrown will slaughter and make the bird oven-ready "while you wait," and on their Web site, HomegrownPoultry.net, they guarantee that all animals are "treated with respect and humanely handled.""

A great article on the KTVB.com website about HGP

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"Local food is all the rage. Proponents say it saves on fossil fuels, limits contamination, supports local farmers - and is just the right thing to do.

And now, because of the Home Grown Poultry plant in New Plymouth, Treasure Valley carnivores can have their organic chicken."